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Am I Ready?

It is clear once again That I pull back from the edge But my body pushes me back Then I pull away again Burying myself in theories And analysis and exercises Seduced by transient moments of relief From some mantra … Continue reading

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This Solstice

Have I plumbed the darkness? Found the secrets in the depths? Truly felt my sadness and fear and anger? Do I need to? Am I ready to stop trying to accept Trying to surrender Trying to let go Trying to … Continue reading

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Did I create you, my pain? Although you live with me And I grew to believe in you More than I believed in myself I try to push you away And love you at the same time Deciding I need … Continue reading

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Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way Sing songs of sorrow, terror, joy, anger, peace While the shame melts away to a puddle and evaporates Leaving uninspiring perfection Humble wisdom Knowing … Continue reading

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This took much longer than planned

I sought solace in words Healing from the sages Wisdom from mentors Rescue from the goddesses Now I stop and lie down In Rumi’s grassy field Letting ideas become clouds Smiling in the gentle breeze

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“Your sadness, your fear, your loneliness, even your despair is so fragile, friend. It can break open at any moment. A single note in a piece of music can do it. A kind glance from a stranger. The feeling of … Continue reading

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“Just sitting with discomfort, without trying to escape or numb it in any way, without expectation, without a goal in mind, without seeking anything, including some abstract notion of ‘comfort’ – that’s the juicy place, the place of creative transformation, … Continue reading

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