Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride
Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way
Sing songs of sorrow, terror, joy, anger, peace
While the shame melts away to a puddle and evaporates
Leaving uninspiring perfection
Humble wisdom
Knowing nothing

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3 Responses to Untitled

  1. There are some contradictions here which I find intriguing. I would never think of perfection as being uninspiring. i am thinking in terms of nature though and I always find the perfection found in a single flower, a mighty tree, an endless ocean with it’s pounding waves and precise tides, a bounding deer all to be very inspiring indeed. However, I do agree that a “perfect” person would be very uninspiring indeed, in fact, downright boring! Also, I guess what you are saying at the end is humble wisdom is the ability to realize that the more we know the more we realize how little we know. Hope that makes sense Jon 🙂

  2. jonpatch says:

    I was referring to people, no one is more inspiring than the next, we just project our needs on them. We are all just doing our best. It’s all perfection.

    Life is full of paradoxes.

  3. I totally agree that we do project OUR needs on other people and then get disappointed when they don’t live up to our expectations. I can say that first hand looking back on my life, to my first marriage in particular, and will always regret that I first put him on a pedestal that he was bound to fall from, for the bar I set was very high indeed. However, life moves on and we learn to live with decisions made and try not to make the same mistakes again.

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